We are blind by sight but directed by faith so that we may see the light. Our mission here is to unify the faithful for the upbringing and strengthening of God’s church. All we have been required to do for God to work wonders in our lives is to walk in His way while at the very least having the faith of a mustard seed that He can direct your path. What great of an impact we can have if we all aspire to build our faith to global proportions. It’s faith that will put us through till the end and it will be by faith how you will start your journey with your SpiritID family.

Our second mission at SpiritID is for our members to form a hope that God will intervene on their behalf when He is called upon as He so repeatedly demonstrates in His word. Hope will help you persevere through your trials and tribulations. God’s word doesn’t promise we won’t go through them but that we can overcome. The provision of a way to communicate with believers on a scale of this margin will aid and abed our members with a new found sensibility of what wonders God can display for the good of those who love Him.

God has instructed us to love Him with all our heart, mind, and soul as well as to love our neighbor as ourselves. This is our final and most important mission at SpiritID. In this community, we aspire for everyone to feel and grow in the truest expression of love. In essence, establishing God’s truth onto the world and reaffirming the need to become prayer warriors for those who the world has given up on but God has not. We believe our community will be defined as the one God has set forth with His purpose and destiny who truly wish to be redeemed. Love was God’s greatest message of all as it is ours as well.


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